5th CIST conference, November 18th-20th, 2020 - Campus Condorcet Campus Paris-Aubervilliers

Registrations to CIST2020 conference are now open!

We are pleased to announce that registrations for the 5th CIST conference are open until November 10th.
In order to cope with the current measures, we are opting for a formula of participation either on site or remotely.

After a formal registration, we will ask you to register for the sessions you are interested in: this will allow us to respect the health obligations and to manage the flow of connections as well as possible.

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139 papers have been selected by the SC

The list of papers by session is available on the CIST site.

The latest in the series of CIST conferences, this 5th international conference spotlights the concept of population as a central issue in the debates within territorial sciences. The concept of population, which is central to demography and biology and more marginal for other disciplines, involves the grouping together of individual entities. Depending on the particular approach used, the preferred criterion for aggregation will be the social, territorial, biological, etc., with timescales and observation scales varying accordingly. Linking together population, time and territory in a transdisciplinary and international perspective is the main goal of this conference; beyond the fact that it represents a theoretical and methodological breakthrough, the diversity of the proposed thematic sessions is a clear sign that this trio is at the heart of contemporary issues. The new Condorcet Campus is an ideal place to address these questions.

 “This is a completely different way of making use of the dichotomy between the group and the individual, the social body as a whole and its most basic constituent elements, a different approach that would have an impact in terms of what is referred to as the population.”
Michel Foucault, “Security, Territory, Population”, Lecture at the Collège de France on January 25th, 1978



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